FMT Fiberglass Multi-Ladder

WERNER FMT Series Fiberglass Multi-Ladder 玻璃纖維多用梯

The FMT Fiberglass Multi-Position Ladders are versatile and easy to transport. The telescoping design allows the ladder to be used in 5 different positions -- Twin Stepladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder, and as 2 scaffold bases. In the Step Ladder mode, the multiladder can be used for one or two-person jobs with a duty rating of 300 pounds per side. The feet are slip resistant and the ends of the ladder are flared for firm support. Smooth curved rails allow for comfortable climbing. With its many uses, this ladder may fit all your climbing needs.


  • Non-conductive fiberglass rails
  • Five positions: 1. Twin Step Ladder 2. Stairway Step Ladder 3. Extension ladder 4. 2-Scaffold bases 5. Wall LadderFive positions: 1. Twin Step Ladder 2.Stairway Step Ladder 3. Extension ladder 4. 2-Scaffold bases 5. Wall Ladder
  • Compact storage position is great for easily taking the ladder up stairs or on lifts
  • Wide rungs for standing comfort
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Adjustable telescoping design for maximum versatility
  • Designed for one or two person jobs
  • Size refers to the ANSI definition of length. ANSI code: A14.2-2017 6.2.4
  • Impact resistant hand grips
  • Shatter-Proof J-Locks


Model Loading Extension Height Stepladder Height
FMT-13 300lbs 7ft to 11ft 3ft to 5ft
FMT-17 300lbs 9ft to 15ft 4ft to 7ft
FMT-22 300lbs 11ft to 19ft 5ft to 9ft




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