SL 系列

SL Lift Table 固定式液壓升降台


Southworth 固定式液壓升降台是非常穩固和可靠的設備。全世界都在使用數以千計的固定式液壓升降台,用於機器進給,工作定位,裝配,揀選,托盤裝載以及各種其他應用。固定式升降平台有多種基本尺寸和載重可供選擇,可承受高達3 噸的載荷以及行程最高可達1500 毫米。可為眾多產品中的每一款提供多種電源選項,控制,平台和底座配置,為用戶提供了幾乎無限的變化選擇。


» 標準產品可用於快速裝運
» 低壓液壓系統
» 快速升降
» 完全可調節的速度
» 重型扭矩管,以盡量減少變形
» 銷軸,滾軸和襯套在升降過程中一直處於潤滑狀態
» 直通軸,可在整個行程範圍內提高穩定性


 Product Introduction

Southworth Hydraulic Lift Tables are extremely robust and reliable machines. Thousands of Hydraulic Lift Tables are in use throughout the world for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading, and a wide range of other applications. Lift Tables are available in many basic sizes and capacities to lift and capacities to position loads of up to 3 Tons with height of 1500 mm. The wide range of power options, controls, tabletops, and base can be configured according to customer requirements. Has enabled the end users to use our equipment in wide range of applications.

Product Feature

» Standard Units Available for Quick Shipment

» Low pressure hydraulics

» Fast raising and lowering

» Fully adjustable down speed

» Heavy-duty torque tubes to minimize deflection

» Lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings

» Full width straight through axles for increased stability throughout the travel range


載重 Loading - 1 / 2 / 3噸 Tons

標準台面尺寸 Platform Size - 最小 Min. 914 x 710mm - 最大 Max. 2490 x 1870mm

(可訂做特別尺寸 Custom Build Platform Size)