Okura Yusoki was founded in 1927. Okura is an industry leader in manufacturing physical distribution systems, headquartered in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Through our long history, Okura has consistently pursued the key objective of "Total Customer Satisfaction". Okura has worked to build physical distribution systems based on the concept of "Flexible Automation", meeting the diverse needs of customers.

As a result of their extensive delivery records, there are many satisfied customers  worldwide. In order to proactively generate next generation technology and equipment, Okura is focusing all their effort on the development of high-performance equipments and systems. By reducing physical distribution costs, and linking information systems, they will meet user needs in all industrial fields, building even more sophisticated "Flexible Automation".


Palletizing Systems 

  • Robot Palletizer 
  • Conventional Palletizer 
  • Applications 

Conveyor Systems 

  • Roller Conveyors 
  • Belt Conveyors 
  • Extendable Conveyors 
  • Flexible Conveyors 
  • Vertical Conveyors 
  • Other Conveyors 

Sorting Systems 

  • Unisorter 
  • Carbel Sorter 
  • Univerter 
  • High Speed Sorter 
  • New Track Sorter 
  • Rice Track Sorter 
  • Disk Sorter 
  • Cross Belt Sorter 

Storage Systems 

  • Storage Racks
  • Storage & Retrieval Machine (SRM)
  • Shuttle
  • Planning & Control System

System Solutions

  • Engineering Informatics 

Other Products 

  • Ball Deck 
  • Roller Deck 
  • Diverters 
  • Sliding / Wheel Chute 
  • Sorting Equipment