SPP 系列

Model 型號 - SPP/2-0.7   


彈弓升降台為操作人員提供了 360° 全方位操作。升降台的全部組成部件都包含在檯面直徑範 圍內,對360° 的圓週內的工人作業不存在任何障礙。無需外部動力僅需要彈簧;彈弓升降台使托盤的裝載和卸載變得更快,更安全和更加容易。


» 重載時彈弓隨著托盤上貨物的增加或減少自動調節高度,使裝載操作始終保持在一個令人舒服的高度上
» 旋轉檯面轉動流暢,使裝載工作輕鬆自如
» 升降台底架穩固- 不需要絕緣材料
» 鏟叉槽與底架一體設計,便於叉車操作
» 多種可選擇的彈弓組合,可滿足從200 - 2000kg 的裝載操作
» 更換彈弓簡便迅速,無須任何工具


Product Introduction

The PalletPal 360™ Spring Pallet Positioners make loading and unloading of pallets quicker and safer. They are designed to be operated by compression springs and are designed such that loads can be accessed from any direction. All of the device components are constrained within the perimeter of the table top. This ensures no obstruction to workers during operation.

Product Feature

» When overloading, the spring increases or decreases the height of automatic adjustment as the goods on the tray, so that the loading operation always stays at a comfortable height

» The rotating table rotates smoothly so that the loading work is easy and comfortable

» The bottom of the lifting platform is stable-no insulation is required

» Forklift forklift is easy to operate by designing forklift slot and bottom frame

» A variety of optional spring combinations can satisfy loading operations from 200 -2000 kg

» Replacing Springs is easy and quick, without any tools